Saturday, March 9, 2013

First Lamb

Hello and welcome to the Clarkson Farm, home of Rita's Wooly Batts and our new blog. I am Rita and together with my better half, Matthew and our little Mila, we'd like to welcome you to our small working farm in Lyman, Maine where we raise sheep, piglets, feathered friends, and raise a plethora of veggies in our organic gardens.  It's lambing season around the farm and here is our first arrival of 2013. He's just a day old.

  As I learn a bit more about blogging, we'll keep you updated regularly about our life on the farm and keep you abreast of the rest of our flock's new arrivals..  Five more ewes are ready to deliver anytime now, so we should have a great selection of fresh lamb selections, and hand-dyed wool and rovings to offer this season at farmers market along with our fresh vegetables and eggs as well.